The Cosmic Giggle Constitution

Guidelines for being a good participant and community member for Cosmic Giggle and Burning Man.

Written by Matt, Vicki, and other proto-Gigglers. Last revised by Kristie and Paula 7/2017.

1. Contribute.   

We're here to build something together, something awesome and inspiring, something worth celebrating.

2. Giggle. 

We take our fun very seriously :)

3. Share the work; share the rewards. 

It takes a lot of effort, time, creativity, energy, and resources to make something as fantastic as Burning Man happen. And it's immensely rewarding. SO get your hands dirty! Lead up a project, ask if you can help, get involved, make a friend before we hit the dust.

4. Come early, stay late.  

Burning Man is more than just a party, it's a frame of mind. This frame of mind takes time to build. If you come just for the end you miss an important part of this process. Plan to arrive by Wednesday at the latest and to stay until Monday to help with strike and clean-up. We're all in it together!  

If you must arrive after Wednesday or leave before Monday, please contact Paula or Kristie to find out what else you can do to make up for that.

5. Leave No Trace. 

We are committed to doing our part to leave the playa better than we found it. This is critical to placement and ensuring that we have a BRC to come back to next year. Budget a couple of hours before you leave the playa for sweeping MOOP and clean-up outside of our camp. (As a theme camp, we Gigglers have to contribute to overall clean up of Black Rock City.) See the MOOP Map from last year. Remember: don't let it hit the ground in the first place!

6. Gift yourself. 

Serendipity rules! A gift of your energy or time is going to be the best thing of all. No one here will tell you what to do or how to contribute. Just do what you do, know what you know, and share that energy with others.

7. Mandatory contributions.

Number 6 notwithstanding, there are a few things that just have to happen:

7.1. Camp dues (i.e., budgeted camp expenses divided by membership) must be paid. Dues are collected post-burn once all camp expenditures are tallied up. (Dues vary by infrastructure needs and camp population but will likely be between $200-250.)

7.2. You must be present for either camp build or tear down! Loading and unloading of the Bay Area truck may be able to substitute for this.

7.3. Volunteer for camp activities throughout the week. Are you an amazing cook or a great kitchen assist? Sign up to prepare a meal and feed you Giggle family! Do you get a personal satisfaction from a tidy camp? Sign up for dish duty, MOOP sweeps, and recycling runs! Good at fixing things? There is no shortage of infrastructure which needs improvement pre- and on-playa ranging from signage to shading to dome covers. Giddy up!

7.4. Save enough space on the ride home to take your share of trash, recycling, and grey water off the playa.